I’ve always been fascinated with fabrics.  I’ve loved the colors, the textures, the possibilities!  Fibers have inspired my imagination, whether I was weaving sculptures, designing costumes, or teaching a class of fifth graders how to quilt.  Sewing has always seemed to provide a creative, yet calming, dimension to my life.

My landscape quilts allow me to translate what I see into a fabric “painting”.  I can experiment with new techniques as I shape the real world scene I’ve chosen into textiles.  When I come upon a site I like, I take several photographs of it.  I draw a rough sketch of my scene, combining the different photographic views into one portrait that contains the important elements I want to illustrate.  I strive to portray the scene as realistically as possible, finding the perfect fabric and thread to accurately convey what I see, but still express a sense of whimsy.  Texture, color, luster, transparency – they’re all important qualities that contribute to just the “right” fabric choice.  I  build the background and foreground structures layer by layer, adding stitched details.  During the many hours it takes to complete each piece, I get to know some of Boston’s famous buildings and the Cape’s natural landscapes quite well as I strive to simulate their details.  I like to think that my quilts impart a unique viewpoint of the city and seascapes they depict, helping to give the viewer a new perspective on a familiar site.