Cape Cod Quilts

Cranberry Bog Reflection   North Falmouth, MA    26.5″ x 20″


After the Harvest   North Falmouth, MA 24″ x 33″

Garden on Gardiner Woods Hole, MA 29″ x 26″

A Perch Above 28″ x 35″
My garden in North Falmouth, MA

Reflection of Autumn West Falmouth, MA       12″ x 12″




Salt Marsh Egret         30″ x 50″    West Falmouth, MA Created for the SAQA Explorations Exhibit at the  New England Quilt Museum


That’s Water Under the Bridge       
West Falmouth, MA        18″ x 24″
Private Collection


Reeds in the Marsh 21in. x 27 in. (2) (800x636)

Reeds in the Marsh    Great Sippewissett Marsh  West Falmouth, MA           21″ x 27″ Private Collection


Looking Out the Lighthouse Window 25in. x 20 in. (2) (800x622)

Looking Out the Lighthouse Window     Woods Hole, MA     20″ x 25″ Private Collection


Quissett Beach 18in. x 27in (2) (537x800)

Quissett Beach         Falmouth, MA         18″ x 27″
Private Collection


Bird's Eye View - Old Silver Beach 29 in. x 19 in. (2) (800x508)

Bird’s Eye View – Old Silver Beach     West Falmouth, MA      29″ x 19″



Water Street Bridge     Woods Hole, MA     30″ x 28″     Private Collection



Roses in the Marsh    Sippewissett Marsh; West Falmouth, MA
24.5″ x 19″



Provincetown_Beach_Path 28in. x 33in.

Provincetown Beach Path    33” x 28″


Sunset from Little Island 31 in. x 23.5in. 2773x2107 2773x2107-001

Sunset From Little Island      West Falmouth, MA       31″ x 23.5″   Private Collection


February Moon Over Nobska Light 3-24-2015 9-17-032

February Moon Over Nobska Light  Woods Hole, MA  21″ x 18″
Private Collection



Ripples     West Falmouth, MA       27″ W x 24″ H


Three Boats 14in. x 18in.

                       Three Boats     Woods Hole, MA      Quilt is 14″ X 18″                         Collection of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution



Provincetown Garden 23 in.x 28.5in

Provincetown Garden    23” x 28.5”



Breakwater View Provincetown, MA 13” x 16.5”


Commercial St. Coleus 31 in. x 24.5 in. 7-21-2014 1-55-048

Commercial Street Coleus Provincetown, MA 31” x 24.5″


Moonrise Over Wing Pond_ Falmouth, MA 31in. x 42.5in

Moonrise Over Wing Pond   North Falmouth, MA 31″ x 42.5″


March Thaw in Snug Harbor 4-19-2015 4-49-026 (1800x1388)

March Thaw in Snug Harbor    West Falmouth, MA   21″ x 17″


Menauhant Beach Falmouth, MA 11in. x 18in (2) (1024x648)

               Menauhant Beach               Falmouth, MA  11″ x 18″                 Collection of Falmouth Hospital


Snug Harbor Sunset; West Falmouth 23 in. x 34 in (800x532)

Snug Harbor Sunset  West Falmouth, MA       23″ x 34″


Chapoquoit Sails 17 in. x 10 in. 3068x1879

Chapoquoit Sails    West Falmouth, MA   10″ x 17″ quilt        Private Collection